Hardscape can add wonderful value to your home.  It can add a valuable space for your family to enjoy together in the warmer months, but it can also add to the value of your home.  A beautiful lawn and gardens certainly adds aesthetic value, but it’s not always easy to apply a dollar value on that element of a landscape.  Patios, walkways, stone walls, however, can add true, tangible value to your home.  Everyone has their own personal preferences, but we can help steer you towards a product that could work well within your budget and the design.

Don’t have a design?

There’s no need to hire a separate landscape architect.  We have one with whom we’ve worked on several successful projects.  Our designs will be perfectly to scale and perfectly to your taste and budget.


Hamilton Landscaping professionals can install a walkway with any type of stone you choose.  Whether you choose manufactured or natural stone, we have the tools and the knowhow to give you a quality product.  We will even pick up the stone and deliver it right to your property!  Before beginning the project, there is often some prep that needs to be done to be sure the walkway or patio has a nice, long life.  Sometimes we have to correct grade, slope, and drainage issues before the real fun begins.  Because we also have 35 years of experience in softscape, we can provide ideas that will help your new walkway work well with your existing lawn, gardens, and trees.  That’s the convenience you achieve by hiring a full-service landscape company!

Check out some of our work below.

Stone Walls

Landscaping crews are equipped and experienced to help you with all your stone wall needs.  If you are looking for a native stone wall or a fabricated system to retain a slope, Hamilton Landscaping is here to help.

Examples of our work can be viewed below.

Driveways & Cobblestone Work

Hamilton Landscaping has the knowledge and expertise to install a new paver driveway area or simply update an old one. We specialize in cobble edging, as well as cobblestone aprons; however, we can help coordinate any type of surface you may be looking for. It’s amazing what a few cobblestones around the perimeter can do to the look of a driveway. We’ll even regrade your existing driveway to ensure optimal drainage. Let us help give your home the best possible first impression.


Outdoor rooms and patios can add great value to your home.  Hamilton Landscaping professionals can help you design and lay out a patio that is beautiful and functional.  Whether you are using natural stone products or some of the more modern manufactured products, Hamilton Landscaping can help you select and install a layout which is sure to dazzle the neighborhood.

Examples of our work can be viewed below.

I would like to congratulate the crew and supervisor who performed a swift, tidy and thoroughly professional service outside my house yesterday.  A large maple dangerously compromised and threatening passing drivers and the power cables overhead, was neatly disposed of and the remains cleanly stacked for further attention. Prompt and friendly all round.

Thank you, Hamilton.

North Tisbury, MA

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