Landscape Design


It’s true that no matter how beautiful your home is, if your landscape is lackluster, people might not even notice that gorgeous home of yours. Planning a beautiful and cohesive look for an entire yard is no easy feat, though. That’s where we come in. Hamilton Landscaping crews have the passion and ability to design a complete overhaul for your property without you ever having to lift a finger. You can have as little or as much involvement in the process as you’d like. Let us decide whether that particular plant will survive in that shady area in the corner of your property. That’s what we do. We are also happy to simply add accents to your already existing landscape if you’re feeling it needs a few final touches. Remember, perfectly manicured lawns with innovative landscape designs aren’t just for the yards in magazines. Hamilton Landscaping can give that to you. You just have to ask.


Landscape Installation

The inspiration for Hamilton Landscaping came from the lawn. Jeff Hamilton began his career working at Woods Hole Golf Course and gained multiple years of knowledge to help get you the greenest weed free lawn in town. Jeff’s humble beginnings were as a graduate of the Stockbridge School of Agriculture’s Turfgrass Management Program.

Hamilton Landscaping can help you install that new lawn you’ve always wanted. We have extensive years of experience in grading and seed choice for all your lawn needs. We wish we could say that once we install the lawn, the work is done and it will forever look beautiful, but that would be a lie. A nice lawn, as well as landscape, are an investment. Both require regular maintenance and applications to keep them looking as nice as the day they were installed.

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