Black Oak Gall Wasp

This pest is a relatively new concern on Cape Cod and is more prevalent in certain parts.  As its name suggests, they target only Black Oaks and the visible result of their destruction is galls and swollen branches.  Research is still developing on this topic; however, studies have shown that the sooner this pest is treated, the more likely the treatment will be a success.  We’ve been doing treatments in the last few years and have been seeing excellent results.  Trees that had canopies that were once very sparse are now full and vibrant!


During the summer of 2016, many of our arborists and outside consultants began noticing far less decline from Black Oak Gall Wasps.  Samples taken show normal plant elongation in the 2015 and 2016 growing seasons.  Still, very little is known about the insect; therefore, we recommend that our customers monitor their Black Oaks closely.

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