Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

During spring and summer when pests are most active, our plant health technician will visit your property to “keep an eye on things.”  If the technician sees a disease or pest issue, the appropriate treatment to prevent it from getting worse will be performed.  The technician will also treat plants that tend to suffer from certain plant or fungal issues even though they may not necessarily be showing signs of these issues yet.  It’s best to be PROACTIVE rather than REACTIVE with plant health issues to ensure your property looks impeccable throughout the entire season.

These IPM visits are helpful for other reasons as well.  Our plant health technician is also a certified arborist.  During these visits, he may see other arboricultural issues that should be tended to i.e. dangerous limbs, drought concerns and we can then pass that information along to you.  This is especially helpful if you don’t live at your Cape home full time and you’d rather spend the warmer months enjoying the beach and your family rather then worry about your landscape.

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